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Security starts and

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ends with this MAN

The most important


Our expectations

are very high

He is lowly paid yet

works pretty hard

Demand is for total

alertness - consistently

Irrespective of

weather - psyche - fatigue

And make him the

most vulnerable link

KonTech focuses all

its attention to this man

We listen and talk to

him in difficult situations

We share his

thoughts and burdens

We conceive his

needs and constraints

We augment all his

resources and add a few

And make this Man

the strongest link

Specialist in providing Solutions for Govt. Security and Surveillance needs

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For Further Information Please Contact Us At:-

KonTech Intelligent Systems, 7/35 Daryaganj, Ansari Road, New Delhi - 110 002, India
Tel. +91-98110-38342



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